Advance segmentation in Google Analytics

Advance segmentation in Google Analytics


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Segmenting by Sequence make it possible to segment users based on a sequence of events, e.g. viewed a specific page then viewed another, or viewed a specific page then take some action.

An example segment could be “Saw Homepage Then Purchased.”

In this example, “Saw Homepage Then Purchased.” segment accounts for 58.5% of product revenue from July 2016 — Aug 2018.

A use case of this segmented audience would be to see which products they are most likely to purchase. Head over to the Product Performance Report and you can see what was the most purchased item for this particular cohort.

Next you should be asking is how is this source of traffic being generated. Is it by campaign? Is it by referral link? Knowing all these, allows you to nurture and allocate your precious resources.


Advance segmentation allows you to identify how many people converted after seeing a specific piece of content. It does not permanently modify the data in your Google Analytics account. Segmentation not only add context to the data but also improves the measurement and make the data more actionable.