From LAMP to JAM

From LAMP to JAM


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Stack are a collection of software components that interact to form a complete technology solutions.

WordPress CMS is an application of multiple components - an Apache web server that serves up the code, an interpreted scripting language, PHP and a database server, MySQL.

I make the leap from LAMP Stack (WordPress CMS) to JAM Stack bypassing MEAN Stack all together to build this website.

Webdev-stack Screenshot Source: The JAMstack: It’s Pretty Sweet

The outcome is a fast loading website that is good for User Experience, Search Engine Optimisation - both critical for conversion optimsiation.

With content host on GitHub, this means my blog post in markdown file format are free from the cage of CMS database such as WordPress. The markdown files are also easily portable. Also on GitHub, I store the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other configuration files which constitute the code of my site.

At one time, I use to publish on Medium. It free me from tinkering the web sites - a pursuit I relish as it feed my inner geeks and forces me to focus on writing content. However, it just does not allows you to have Google Analytics install.

Hopefully, I am content with the layout and look and feel of this website so I can continue writing,