Google Breakfast Briefing  —  3 August 2018

Google Breakfast Briefing  —  3 August 2018


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This months session topic is “how to help you build a successful brand campaign on YouTube”

According to the speaker, Elaine Doyle

  • 89% of traffic by 2022 will be video traffic.
  • Optimise video for those hot summer days with limited battery on mobile.
  • Critical to learn about what your customers care about so you can create videos they want to watch.
  • YouTube viewers want 3 things: Information — Connection — Entertainment.
  • YouTube has 50% higher ad watch time than any other platform and is the second largest search engine in the world.
  • Irish people spend 45 minutes a day watching YouTube on mobile alone. For 18–24yr olds, that’s more time than on Netflix and TV players, combined.
  • 6 second bite-size ads are extremely effective to engage. 16–20 second “snack ads” are excellent to flesh out your story and finally another bite-size to echo your message.

The breakfast briefing also sharing the latest product updates, and useful resources to help inspire you to build your brand online.