Losing my Domain Name


2 min read

I used to have a personal site with domain name getoptimise dot com

My failure not to renew on times means someone bought it and I have to fork out absence amount to get it back. I always have the impression that domain name not renew will be 'back to the pool' again and I can buy it back. There are people who standby and snag them the moment when your domain name expired when you did not renew on time.

The new owner of my old domain name

All things consider

I want a domain name that catchy and reflect what I do - Digital Analytics. A domain suggest work that involves numbers.

I briefly check out other domain extension. Namely, .CO, .ME and .IO

There are lot of options open up when you go with .CO I test my new domain name verbally with a family members not working in the internet industry who are not active on Social Media. I learn that she automatically complete .CO with .UK as in .co.uk or .com adding an M at the back of .CO

As my next domain name is also to be my trade name, I do not want this to happen. People out of habit put .com, google it and bring them to someone website.

I also consider paring my family name with .ME but sounds so weird.

My search for the perfect domain name brings me to Twitter. The domain name also need to match a social media handle. At one point, I settle for a domain name and found out on Twitter, it is a hashtag for a good fitted bra initiative!

My lost is a gain in knowledge

While it not critical for me that the old domain name is lost. I want to get myself familiar with the process so I can advise my client or future employer. If renewal time is up, don't put it off. Renew immediately when prompted by domain registrar timely reminder.