The Open Graph Protocol

The Open Graph Protocol


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You've created a compelling website and brand, don't squander it away when you try to share your content on social network.

Have you ever posted your content to a social network & found:

  • Image shown was RSS icon, a print button, or some other irrelevant image?

  • Description shown was from some unrelated snippet on your page?

  • Title of your page was too generic, like "Read our blog" or other vague term?

That is where Open Graph Protocol (OGP) is at play.

Open Graph tags allow marketers to control the experience their content produces as it shows up on social networks including Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

The Open Graph protocol is Facebook’s standard for implementing social meta tags. It has also become a de-facto standard recognized by all the major social platforms. This means that Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ will often pull the headline, description and image indicated in the Open Graph tags.

Below are some of the tools that help you validate whether your content looks good when posted on those social networks.