What Happen? - Reporting in GA4 Examples

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Which page an event is being triggered on

Comparison vs Audience vs Segments



Use Audience if you want to use this cohort to better optimize paid acquisition and retention efforts (with re-targeting ads). It helps you to find new customers by generating an audience list for advertising platforms - i.e. Google Ads

GA4 combines data from both web and app views into a single property, audiences can be created based on a user’s entire journey across multiple devices.


What can I do in Comparison, Audience and Segments?

View Page Load Time

Site speed performance report in Universal Analytics

Currently, this data is not available in GA4.

When did GA4 account being created and by who?

Which 404 Page?

Use Landing page+query string to extract the 404 page

Which products have been bought together?

In Explore (left-hand side navigation menu)

Add the rows (dimensions)
- Transaction ID
- Item name

For value (metrics)
- Items purchased

Search for selected pages

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