Get back your Hourly sessions in GA4

Compare Google organic traffic hourly like you can in Universal Analytics.


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Hourly and Date are available across both in Google Analytics 4 explorations, reporting customization and in the audience and segment builders.

You can also access these dimensions and metrics outside of Analytics using the Google Analytics Data API.

This means that once you query the data, it can be in saved reports. Accessing again next time when you need it.

Use the dimensions to see the date and hour your event received clicks, conversions, or any other event name that's specified. In the example below,

If you want to collect information that Analytics doesn't capture with these dimensions and metrics, you can create your own custom dimensions and metrics.

Taking it Further

You could also create a custom alert that will email you if there are any daily/hourly changes in the metrics you want to keep an eye on.

Goes without saying, if you want to track hourly changes, ensure you have the developer resources to make changes to your websites, and landing pages.