My first Dublin MeasureCamp


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Co-organising Ireland first MeasureCamp. Held on Saturday at Google Ireland, it a 1-day digital analytics un-conference event with 100+ attendees. My role: promoted event, secured location, coordinated event logistics, and liaised with speakers and sponsors on-site.

It being a great opportunity for me to get involve as a co-organizer for Dublin first MeasureCamp.

MeasureCamps are run by the Digital Analytics community, for the Digital Analytics community. It was first dreamed up by Peter O'Neil who looks for a space where Digital Analyst can share and learn from each other in an informal non-conference setting. Since then, it has being expand from London to Australia.

I learnt that digital analytics professional from places as far as Greece, Lithuania, Belfast (ok not that far) travel to Dublin for the event.

Some highlights for me are the session presents by Joe of Wayflyer on "Direct Traffic" which according to an industry study can account for 20% traffic for retailer website. Traffic that will not be accounted for as a results of people sharing website link on peer to peer messaging platform such as WhatApps are categorized by Google Analytics as "Direct Traffic". One of his approach to tackling Google Analytics's "Direct Traffic" is ensure every link being shared are UTM-tagged.

Joanne of Glowmetrics, on a session about agency/client work shared that by offering digital analytics training to client does not cannblised Glowmetrics business. It helps to cement the relationship and make her business the first port of call whenever client has any issues and concerns. She and Nicola also from Glowmetrics also share that the agency strives to publish an article every week and not to charge client for every advice. Another useful tip from them: a time management tool Toggl was recommended for tracking hours on different projects.

At the same session, Jean of Digital Charity Lab mentioned an excellent proposal structure

  • Where you are now

  • Where you need to go

  • How we can help you get there

I keeping all these on board as I just launched a CRO agency to help organisations gain validated insight on consumer behaviour (That my Plan B. I am still seeking a perm role)

Despite the promise "without bugging the IT folks", marketers need considerable coding skill to use Google Tag Manager (GTM) confidently. Julius of Analytics Mania share with the attendees how to get data with GTM when developer is not available. He shared several user-defined variables in GTM that are worth checking out :

  • URL variable

  • Auto Event Variable

  • DOM Element Variable and

  • Javascript variable

With so many session at the first MeasureCamp Dublin, I wish I could be able to clone myself to attend all. The MeasureCamp Dublin organising committee have already begun preparations for #MeasureCampDublin 2020. If you would like to sponsor MeasureCamp Dublin – Please get in touch via

This article was first published on Linkedin on November 2, 2019