Stripe Tour Singapore 2023


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Stripe had its inaugural tour in Singapore yesterday which I signed up and attended at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay. It is also Stripe's Southeast Asia Tours as Regional Head & Managing Director, Southeast Asia, India, Greater China, Sarita Singh kicked off the event by welcoming attendees from Malaysia to India.

Irish-founded payments platform, Stripe innovations on revenue and finance automation, enhanced checkout page with links, and tap-to-phone technology allow developer to build businesses without worrying about payment processing complexity.

  • Stripe research finds that 84% of businesses in Singapore expect to expand into new countries over the next 24 months, significantly higher than the global average.

  • The same research finds that Singapore consumers are more open to buying goods and services online than the global average. (of 68%)

Payment experience IS the consumer experience

The event touches on removing barriers to getting paid - the last part of the conversion journey in shaping the customer experience. It showed how Stripe's new optimized checkout suite creates a frictionless customer experience along with access to over 100 different payment methods worldwide. Also, an A/B testing tool that allows businesses to rigorously identify the best-performing payment methods in their checkout.

Stripe Press

Learnt that Stripe has a printing press of books of interest. At the event, I checked out with an issued Stripe terminal test card, in return for a free book. Feeding two birds with one scone, Stripe showcases their hardware solutions and Stripe Press.

Stripe and Public Sector

Afternoon session for the public sector. I'm not the target audience. No go.