The Red Chair Test

Have you test and optimize your email?


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If you are TV viewers in Republic of Ireland and UK, there is The Graham Norton Show. It was a must-see TV shows for me while I was in Ireland.

At the end of the talk show, members of the audience would take the red chair and share a story with the presenter and his famous guests

If your story makes them LoL, you get to walk away and spare the dignity of being thrown off the chair with a control stick. (I lol myself here while writing this part)

Today, I have this The Red Chair Moment and I am not a member of the audience.

I am relentless in trimming my Email Inbox this week. (Maybe 2023 is ending soon)

A newsletter pop up in my Mailbox. It is my hand-rubbing moment to hit the Unsubscribe button if the email newsletter does not make the cut.

Unless the brand or the sender's email subject resonates with me at the point in time (offering insight that I can articulate that make me the SME or skills I can tap into and help the team to go far), I will keep it. How many of you rem which email newsletter you sign up for and look forward to get it weekly?

There is this newsletter whose title and sender name do not gel with me. It subject header starts with CS#XXX. From the look of it, it looks spammy.

After I have opened and read it to the end, it put a smile on me. It offers me insights and info I can use in my work and personal life. Here is part of the content about the meeting.

This newsletter was spared from being unsubscribed. It passed the Red Chair test for me.

If you are an email marketer, have your email newsletter passed this litmus test? (I coined it as 'The Red Chair' test)