Upgrade to Checkout Extensibility: Your Guide to a Smooth Transition


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For me who used to work on Shopify projects, this is the big deal not just for Shopify Plus plan merchant. Besides the news about WPP (the largest advertising agency with a revenue of $17.85 billion) and Shopify in strategic partnership.

In June 2022, Shopify introduced checkout extensibility for in-checkout pages, which offers a better way to customize the Shopify Checkout that’s app-based, upgrade-safe, and more performant than checkout.liquid.

Checkout extensibility is a powerful new tool that can help merchants improve their checkout and increase conversions.

Benefits of checkout extensibility:

  • Increased flexibility: Merchants will have more control over the look and feel of their checkout.

  • Improved performance: This extensibility is designed to improve the performance of the checkout.

  • Enhanced security: security features that help protect merchants from fraud.

  • Reduced costs: With a built-in editor, merchants can save money on development costs.

To upgrade to checkout extensibility, merchants need to replicate any required checkout.liquid customizations in checkout extensibility using the platform features and developer tools.

Here are the steps involved in upgrading to checkout extensibility:

  1. Understand checkout extensibility.

  2. Assess your current customizations.

  3. Define your project scope.

  4. Build and test your new checkout.

  5. Deploy and optimize your new checkout.

Upgrade timeline

According to Shopify, access to Checkout extensibility for thank you and order status pages is as follows:

October 24, 2023Shopify Plus
April 30, 2024Basic, Shopify, and AdvancedNew merchant shops on these plans will default to extensibility for thank you and order status pages.

If you are a Shopify Plus merchant, I encourage you to learn more about checkout extensibility and consider upgrading your checkout today.